Time To Talk Day

Why don’t we talk about mental health like we do our physical health?
They are both important to our wellbeing.

The difference is that our physical health can be seen more on the outside and our mental health is hidden inside.

It’s like the saying “you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors”

It’s hard to talk about yourself. How many times do we praise ourselves for doing a job well done!  Are you that person who always says “I could of done better”
For some reason we find it harder to accept positive feedback than we do negative feedback and both are just as important in there own way.
Its when the negative stuff eats away at you and you see no way out of a cycle of negativeness, a vicious circle that needs to come out.
TALK, talk about your mental health. If you haven’t talked about it, start with little steps, the first step is the hardest and that’s acknowledging it. The second step is asking for help and talking to someone.
Both steps are not easy, but once you’ve made them it’s a big weight lifted off your shoulders, because you are sharing your problem with someone.

“A problem shared is a problem halved”

Opening up what’s been troubling you on the inside is the start of a journey to recovery.

Mental health can take many forms and both physical and mental health go hand in hand.  We have too look after our mental health, because it affects our physical health and poor physical health affects our mental health, so why is it easier to talk about our physical health?

Its because we have been conditioned over years and years to never talk about our mental health. We’ve stayed silent for too long for fear of being judged or treated differently.

WHY? Why did we do this will we get over it? It’s like many things in the past we never forget, but we move on and become stronger and it’s so important we talk about this for years to come,
Our generation are starting to change and so will the next generation and the next, because we are now talking about our mental health.

We need to keep talking more to each other, start today say to someone you trust “Im struggling please could I talk to you”.
And start today to listen to someone
“listen to the feelings behind the words.”

If you are listening to someone think how brave the person is to open up to you and for you to say talk to me “I’m listening”

Listening is a powerful tool.

If you talk to someone think how brave you are to make that first step and say to them “I need help” There is no shame in asking for help. We can all help to talk and listen.

We all need to be mental health aware.

Look around you and be more aware of the people around you, is someone acting differently or doesn’t seem themselves, start a conversationare you ok” or “are you ok, you don’t seem yourself lately”
9 times out of 10 the reply is “I’m fine” but please don’t just walk away ask them again to try and start a conversation.
That’s what Time to Talk Day is all about starting conversations with people, so wherever you are at home, work, down the gym or there is someone you know who needs a friend to talk too, be that friend.

TALKING about our mental health saves lives.
We need mental health to become a normal part of conversations. We still have a long way to go, and we will get there it just takes time.
It’s time to change, time to talk.

Do your bit this “Time to Talk Day”
Start a conversation……

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