Stress in my life….

3BAFCC2D-B060-4AE6-B708-623F7B65AF57Stress what is it and why do we get stressed and how do we cope with stress in our life….

“April is Stress Awareness Month” and a time to reflect on your own life, ask youself “do you feel stressed” a little, often or most of the time?”

Everyone has an element of stress in their life, some of us more than others and I know speaking from personal experience I create my own stress by trying to do too many things at once,  often questioning, overthinking and getting anxious about things that may not happen.

Juggling family life with our working lives means often we don’t have time for ourselves, putting too much pressure on yourself is a main cause of stress and high expectations causes unnecessary stress.

My stress levels were increasingly high when I was a single parent bringing up my daughter from the age of 2 to 9 years, in fact they were the toughest 7 years of my life!

Not only was it hard enough as a single parent I didn’t have any family support, and It was really tough not having my family around me.

I put lots of pressure on myself to do everything and I started suffering with anxiety and panic attacks.

I went to see my GP and it really helped me and I took from that great invaluable advice thats instilled in me to this day.

“Listen to your body”

“If your tired and don’t feel like doing anything” “Don’t!”

“The house work can wait another day”

“Tomorrow is another day!”

The panic attacks I was suffering were enough of a sign that if I didn’t take action I would become very ill.

So I learn’t to listen to my body and took the advice from my GP and I made myself better.

These days I don’t like rushing around everywhere, although there are times I do and at these times I think back to how ill I nearly became and try to alleviate the stress in my life.

Most of us tend to make so many excuses saying we have no time, but time really is endless and if we look after ourselves and be kinder to ourselves we are more likely to lead a healthy longer life.

None of us have to be super human so take a moment to just stop, take some deep breaths and think how can I make my life less stressful.

We often talk about stress and how best to cope with it and one of the best things for stress is exercise, because it produces endorphins that fight off stress hormones and regular exercise boosts self-confidence, our moods and helps us sleep better and that combined helps us cope with the stresses of the day.

A little bit of stress or pressure in our life is inevitable but prolonged stress causes your body to release stress hormones over a long period this increases the risk of a wide range of medical problems.

Stress really has a lot to answer for physiologically It can make you feel, angry, anxious and fearful, which in turn can upset relationships. Too much stress can cause depression and anxiety.

Some stresses are unavoidable and possibly caused by money problems, work issues feeling over-stressed as a result of an event or it can be positive like a new partner, new job or going on holiday.

The answer is quite simple just take a moment to think about the stresses in your life now for “Stress Awareness Month” and try to make some positive changes to make your life less stressful and easier on yourself, so that you can live a more relaxed happier life.😊

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